“the smallest known tetrapod footprints”


september sixth 2012

“variations in symmetry”

brandon locher

august second 2012



july twenty-sixth 2012

“the modern folk music of america”

sorry to have not posted in a while–

but josh over at the modern folk music of america was nice enough to do a mini-review and link to some of my tape music

check out the rest of his blog (great stuff)! thanks josh!

july twenty-sixth 2012

“transverse banding on cactus spine”


april thirtieth 2012

“black locust; maple”

bryan nash gill

march twenty-eighth 2012


s. w. clark

march twenty-eighth 2012

“s.w. clark’s a practical grammar

march twenty-eighth 2012

“marbled endpapers digitized in high-contrast black and white; some with scan lines”

from the art of google books

september twenty-sixth 2011

“cubic neutrons”


august sixteenth 2011