“the density of hydrogen gas in the ancient universe”

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may second 2011

“kamikaze pilots”

“photoshop, burn a dvd, transfer to vhs, take a picture of the tv while fastforwarding/rewinding, photoshop” — anderson cook

april twenty-seventh 2011

“macintosh icons”

susan kare

april twenty-sixth 2011

“chart of colors”

samuel morse

april twenty-fifth 2011



april twenty-fourth 2011

“blue sclera in osteogenesis imperfecta”


april twentieth 2011

“mvi 5502”

sebastian hempel

april twentieth 2011

“coronal mass ejection”

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april eighteenth 2011

“hello, world!” (in piet)

“hello, world!” in the color-based programming language piet

april fourteenth 2011


haven’t listened to the recording, but loving that cover (by gianni sassi, i think).
check out inconstant sol‘s recent posts on cramps records though, lots of great stuff.

april twelfth 2011