“hello world”

i suppose it’ll be nice to have a place to dump things i like and maybe say some things about what i’m working on. i’m not sure how often i’ll post things or if anyone will see them but we’ll see!

for now here’s the always-impressive sc140 project (i wanted to put the flash player on my page, but xspf isn’t playing nice). now that i’m starting to work in supercollider again i’m even more impressed by the musicality of these ultra-compact (and cryptic) mini-compositions.

in my own supercollider news, work is progressing nicely on whither, thence, repeat, the midi keyboard piece i’m writing for tim hambourger. i still haven’t started writing any actual music but the code is going well. figuring out the “IAC Driver” for routing midi signals between ableton (for qwerty keyboard control) and supercollider made testing a lot easier.

march sixth 2011

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